L'arte del realismo, il realismo dell'arte

Ron Mueck, in mostra fino al 21 ottobre
al Modern Art Museum di Fort Worth. Impressionante davvero.
Tenete Giuliano Ferrara lontano dalla mostra...

A Girl, 2007
His art is about love, death, loneliness, family, relationships.
It can be understood by anyone; it has nothing to do with
what's in vogue in metropolitan London (which makes it
great for Edinburgh). And although Mueck's technique
is of our time - he trained in puppetry, including at
Jim Henson's Creature Shop, and has taken the lifelike
modelling techniques used in cinema to the gallery
- only the most hidebound snob could fail to recognise
 that he is using models to achieve what sculptors of
the past set out to do: to animate and dramatise the
beauty and pity of what William Blake called
"the human form divine".

Jonathan Jones, Is Ron Mueck for real?, The Guardian, 9 Agosto 2006
Fatevi un giro nella galleria fotografica...
Io preferisco questa.
Angel, 1997

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